I was born in Boston, Massachusetts (well, not actually IN Boston, but if I mentioned my hometown most of you would just blink your eyes at which point I’d just say it’s near Boston anyway) and went to NYU majoring in film after one year majoring in photography. I’ve worked at various places as a video editor.

I don’t have a very artistic background, but in first grade I started drawing comics using crude renditions of the Japanese character Doreamon, and Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes. After that I started drawing Quincy from Fox Trot and then kind of derived a character from that which I called Yoshi because I also drew Yoshi from Super Mario World. One thing I took from that artistically is that Quincy’s nose has become the head of the generic smiling character in my comic (except the nostrils are now the eyes).

In college I took a class called “New York Humor” which gave me the opportunity to do some stand-up comedy because my professor knew someone at a comedy club, and each class had a night reserved for members of her class to perform. So myself and about a third of the class performed that one night. I went on to do perform two or three times after that. In 2010 while I was unemployed I took another stand up comedy class at Caroline’s on Broadway which rekindled my interest and I made a lot of good friends.

In 2012 I moved to San Diego after living in New York for over 10 years, and in 2014 I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career. I hope to continue doing stand up comedy here, but until I get off my butt and actually do it, I think of my comic as a way to store up material that I’d like to develop later on.