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Review of the Looney Bin Comedy Club in Oklahoma City

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The first time that I had ever went to the Loony Bin in Oklahoma City, was for a date with my husband. I had never been to a comedy club before and he thought that it might be interesting to take me there.

As soon as we got to the front door, we were both asked for our picture I.D. for verification purposes and then we were allowed to enter the area where you pay for the tickets to enter the show.

The lady at the front desk told us about all the discounts that they offer and some of them are for military personal, college students, and some faculty members amongst other things. It was too bad for us that we did not qualify for any of these discounts and had to pay the full price to enter. I did learn that on some nights they have ladies night, the ladies get in free. There is a one drink minimum and everything is run on a tab so that you don’t have to keep paying for it during the show. You could also relax and play some interesting sports betting games via UFABET.

The show has two spot light comedians and then the announcer. The announcer is usually a rookie who starts the show off with a few laughs and introduces the the other two comedians. The first comedian to come out is usually someone who is new to the comedy business or someone who has been featured before. The last comedian is always the one who has been featured in comedy shows on the television and are the ones who are suppose to be in the business for a while.

How did the show go? The announcer wasn’t that funny, the first comedian made laugh my pants off, and the last comedian which was also the featured comedian, wasn’t as funny as the first but he still deserved a hooray.

I had fun at the Loony Bin and would recommend it to anyone. I have been there lots of times since that day and sometimes the shows are great and other times, it is still funny but not as funny as what I was hoping for. Is it worth the money that you have to pay? Yup, it sure is. The price ranges from $6 to $20 throughout the week and the drinks vary. Wednesday has always been armature night and this is where the audience is allowed to sign up and show off their talent. I have not been to amateur night yet, but I do plan on going.

What is the seating like? Sometimes it is a little crowded and you can feel suffocated at times, but other days are more comfortable with all the arm and leg room that you could want.

Would I recommend this for a date? This is a great way to loosen you both up and especially if it is both of your first time being here, just be sure to not set on the front row if you bring a date, this is what I like to call the pick on me spot.

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