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The CW Network and It’s Reality TV

Mark Pedowitz posing for the camera

CW has been doing pretty good for themselves with their shows. Reality TV is something that generally brings in the viewers and the CW is trying for another hit. Here are some past, present and future reality shows that are featured on the network. Watching sports is far better than watching reality TVs that are borderline scripted. Also if you follow sports closely, it’s likely that you’d win a hefty amount of money when you play 해외토토 online. 

“Beauty and the Geek”, was always a fun show to watch. 8 men and 8 women would live in a mansion together. The men were geeky, intelligent and socially awkward. The women were gorgeous and sometimes full of themselves. They would have to work together to complete challenges and hopefully learn from each other in the meantime. It showed that the gorgeous girls weren’t always more looks than brains and that sometimes a nerdy guy can be cute. It was a great show that showed everyone that we all tend to judge others by their exterior. Unfortunately this quirky show, which was lots of fun was cancelled and ended on May 13, 2008.

“America’s Next Top Model” is about fourteen women hoping to be a model. Cycle 13 will be aimed at women who are under 5’7″. Tyra Banks along with other judges review the women throughout the show and eliminate those that are not up to the challenge of being “America’s Next Top Model”. The show gives you a behind the scenes look at what models have to do in this ultra competitive career. I am sure as always there will be cat fights, beautiful photos and lots of tears from the girls that are sent home. Although I don’t agree with the message that modeling tends to give girls I do think the show can be a lessons to girls who would like to get into the business. It really isn’t as beautiful as it may seem. “America’s Next Top Model” is on Wednesdays at 8/7 central.

Fly Girls is a new show set to debut in the middle of the season. It follows fight attendants on Virgin America. Viewers get to follow the women as the fly all over and show the glamorous side of working for this trendy airline. Fly Girls details their lives with family, friends, and loves and the sometimes split second decisions they have to make. Virgin America is the airline owned by Virgin Records. It has been rated “Best Domestic Airline” and has only been in business since August of 2007. It sounds as though it is sure to be a new hit.

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