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Comedy Clubs

Three Comedy Clubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

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Are you looking for a laughing good time? If so, why not try one of these three fantastic comedy clubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex?

Addison Improv. If you’re in the market to attend a comedy club that often provides headliner entertainment, the Addison Improv, located at 4980 Beltline Road in Addison, Texas is the place to go. The Addison Improv is located at 4980 Beltline Road in Addison, Texas, and you can see some brand name comedians here, including Polly Shore. Be sure to sign up for their email notifications that actually let you know which comedians they have lined up. Also, be sure to take plenty of money when you visit the Addison Improv. This place holds some strict rules about food and drink minimums, and the servers expect a hefty tip. This means that the Addison Improv won’t work if you’re seeking inexpensive entertainment. The Addison Improv expects each patron to adhere to a two-item minimum. This means that you can order two drinks, two food items, or one of each. In addition you could be earning money by playing simple and interactive games by ทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ

The Addison Improv does serve a full menu, but it’s best to stick with the drinks and the appetizers. You can order chips and sauce or potato skins, and the food is really good. If you don’t think you’ll meet your two item minimum, put your check together with someone else who intends to drink a bit more. If you have two people, you just need four items, so one can order three items, and the other can order one item, if needed. The only cover charge that you pay at the Addison Improv is the cost of the tickets and the two-item minimum. The only other thing that really dampens this experience is the Addison Improv’s definition of heckling. In short, you can’t yell out anything to the one on stage, even if it’s in agreement, so don’t go to the Addison Improv expecting a shout-out good time.

Hyena’s Comedy Club. The Hyena’s Comedy Club, located on the northwest corner of 360 and Arkansas Lane in Arlington, Texas is a laughing good time. You can expect to spend some money here, but surely nothing like you would spend at the Addison Improv. The admission is ten dollars, and you have to adhere to a two-item minimum. Cokes are really expensive here, so go ahead and drink alcohol, unless you’re driving. Your two-item minimum can include food. You can go into Hyena’s expecting a good time and come out knowing that you got what you went in for. The two bad things about this comedy club are the crowd and the smoke. You can save some money by logging onto the Hyena’s Comedy Club website and checking out the coupons. Right now, you can get a two-for-one admission coupon, which means that this will save you a whopping ten bucks.

Four Day Weekend Comedy Troup. If you’re looking for a place that will help you ditch the drink minimum, the smoke, and the crowded feeling, the Four Day Weekend Comedy Troup, located at 312 North Houston Street in Fort Worth, Texas is the place to go. This is not your typical, smoke-filled comedy club. It’s actually a non-smoking theatre, which really adds to the enjoyment of the show. The Four Day Weekend Comedy Troup does offer a bar/lounge for drinks before the show, so get there early. This place serves as a great place to take any date, but especially a first one, unless the date doesn’t like laughing, of course. Do take some money with you, even though this outing will cost more of your laughs than your paycheck. Sit toward the back. The Four Day Weekend Comedy Troup tends to have some really rowdy people up on the front rows. The only bad thing about this comedy club is its name. It’s so long and hard to remember, at first.

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