Don’t worry, no spoilers here but I did play the new Mass Effect 3 Extended Edition DLC last night (then watched the other endings on YouTube). I could take it or leave it, but knowing the reasons behind its existence definitely color the experience. For the most part they stick to their guns, but for a few things they don’t and that’s rather disappointing. I think going forward I’m just going to consider the original ending the true ending. But even still, I just don’t care all that much. I ME2 will always be my favorite and I’ll be able to replay that no problem and if/when I replay ME3 and get to the ending then that’ll be it. Life goes on.

Seriously, how many people were still seething over the ending before yesterday? I almost forgot to play the DLC last night because it was already late after finishing dinner and I knew that I’d have to replay a lot of the game to see the new content. I almost didn’t want to do it because seeing the new ending wasn’t worth much to me.

Poor Bioware.