So one thing I haven’t talked about in my comic at all are my kung fu classes. I did a comic 8 years ago (HOLY CRAP 8 YEARS???) which I wrote when I was first looking into finding a martial arts school. I did another comic about visiting that same school.

I went to a hapkido school for a year and a half but left after their Manhattan location closed and during the transition they allowed students to get out of their blue belt or black belt contracts. I decided to leave because it was feeling too commercial and even with my limited knowledge I didn’t feel that I was receiving the best instruction.

I ended up finding a rather hole in the wall Chinese martial arts school run by one guy from mainland China (I’ll just call him Sifu). His English isn’t so great but it gets the job done. Anyway, my jaw hit the floor watching his students do their stuff. I thought that maybe I couldn’t even be good enough to go there but ended up taking classes for 5 years.

This school was truly in the top 3 things that I knew I’d miss moving to San Diego and I doubt I’ll find an instructor close to Sifu’s level of expertise. But I’m doing my best to keep practicing on my own. One great thing about San Diego of course is the weather which means I can practice outdoors.

Back to the comic. If I have too many days where I don’t practice my legs get super restless and just need to do some kicking. I wish I was flexible enough to kick myself in the face but sadly it’s just a comic. So I might end up doing more kung fu related comics in the future.