The process of getting my replacement phone was more involved, but I decided it wasn’t really interesting enough to make comics of the full process. I had the Best Buy warranty with my phone which meant that I could get it sent in and I’d receive a refurbished phone. I had to use a replacement barebones Android phone for a few days while I waited for my replacement to arrive.

I almost hit a snag because my phone plan is under Anna’s name and the documentation I had for the service person didn’t have my name on it so she didn’t want to give the phone to me because they check ID to make sure the right person is getting the phone. But I still had other receipts with my name on it so she begrudgingly gave it to me.

THEN I went to get my phone activated and the girl who helped me out I’m guessing couldn’t be older than college age used her OWN phone to test if my phone was working or not. I could tell it was hers because I’m guessing Best Buy’s phones don’t have danglies on them. So somewhere in my phone history I have the personal number of this Best Buy person.

Yep, things sure are different out here in San Diego. Then I got to thinking, what the hell kind of person would take advantage of this newly obtained phone number? I mean really, what purpose would that serve?? But still, it seems like it should be common knowledge that this was a super bad idea on her part.