We took JetBlue to San Diego for our flight out here and since part of how they present themselves is very light hearted and friendly they play music when your flight arrives. I’ve only taken JetBlue to a handful of places but I guess they play music for certain cities. In New York they play “New York, New York” by Sinatra of course and as it turned out they played “Surfin’ USA” by the Beach Boys.

Mind you, I was standing up in my seat with my head tilted because the ceiling was so low and my ear was to the speaker. I don’t consider myself to be a downer of a person, but nothing makes me feel more like one than cheesy cheery music. I felt that the contrast made me feel extra New Yorker in that moment.

Oh and of course as you probably noticed, the layout of the site has changed slightly to reflect the switch from New York to San Diego. I’m going to have the copyright section of the San Diego comics in blue to distinguish themselves somewhat.  I’m going to keep the navigation buttons with the New York subway theme ’cause it took a while to make and I like them.

You better believe that I have a huge buffer of ideas since I’ve now been in San Diego for a month now. I hope that they’ll be just as entertaining!