Today, Wikipedia has gone black to raise awareness of SOPA, which is one of those bills in Congress with a very positive sounding name, but in actuality not really that great. SOPA stands for the “Stop Online Piracy Act” but the problem with this bill is that it could be so far sweeping that it would amount to internet censorship because if a user uploaded something with copyrighted content, then the whole site could be taken down if they don’t comply.

This is also another case of Congress being full of old people who are not tech savvy and still think the internet is “a series of tubes.”

Anyway, this comic story is an oldie from when I was away from college and suddenly I got a phone call from a friend who I think was playing trivial pursuit or something where he needed an answer. People didn’t use smart phones then, so I was the movie buff person to call in this time of need.