Yesterday I finally beat “Professor Layton and the Last Spector” which is the fourth Professor Layton game for Nintendo DS (the next chapter is for 3DS). I still have extra puzzles to do and other things to find in the game. My final play time for the game was just shy of 20 hours. For the life of me I don’t know if that’s a good time or not since Professor Layton could be beat relatively quickly if you’re just super amazing at puzzles. The only other thing holding you back would be the dialogue and numerous cutscenes.

Anyway, it amused me to think about what 20 hours in Professor Layton entailed versus other games. This game is such that I spent most of that 20 hours simply staring at my DS while riding the subway (and in some cases missing my subway stop). Games like Uncharted only run 10 hours or so tops so 20 hours isn’t even part of the equation unless seeking trophies or playing multiplayer.

Batman Arkham City had a lot of side missions but the challenge rooms can easily increase the playtime of that game. I just recently beat New Game+ by doing only story missions and was a little surprised at just how short it was.

As for Skyrim, I’m still not terribly interested. I feel very intimidated by a game of that magnitude and feel that slowly chipping away at it during evenings and weekends would get a little frustrating especially with so many other games out now that I want to play.