Actually my birthday was yesterday but I wanted to make sure of something before I did my comic about turning 30. Someone I know told me that no matter what I’d wake up feeling achey on my 30th birthday. Thankfully that didn’t pan out, and I’ve already been thinking of tons of good things about turning 30.

For one thing I already know a lot of people over 30, and their unanimous reaction has pretty much been “30? Pfff, whatever.” Also one thing is I was never a real partying type, so I very easily grew out of the starting the night at 10:00 PM and ending it at 3:00 AM. Hanging at friends’ houses drinking six packs of beer which cost roughly the same as one beer at a club suits me just fine. I’m also into being able to hear my friends as I have a conversation with them.

I’ve always been a homebody so I think in many ways I was already kind of in the post-20s lifestyle. It’s just that now I can just sum up the whole decade of people in their 20s instead of having to specify people “in their early 20s.” I think this is only a big step in that if you take someone in their early twenties and compare them to their early 30s they’re likely to be much more different than someone in their 30s to their 40s.

Then again, what the hell do I know? I’m still 10 years away from there so maybe I’m entirely wrong. I’ve lived in New York for over 10 years so that’s like another lifetime away. Anyway, I’ll probably get myself something more tangible for my 30th, or maybe in the spirit of getting older I’ll be responsible and save my money. Or maybe I’ll buy tons of video games, either way is good for me.