There used to be a crappy stationary place on Flatbush Ave (it was very old, and the store clerks were extremely unhelpful and kind of unpleasant), but now there’s a plywood front as it gets renovated. When we walked past we saw that someone had written “Five Guys” on it. It looked very unofficial so we joked that it was probably just someone saying “Please be a ‘Five Guys’ PLEASE!” Apparently it is in fact going to be a “Five Guys.” Also there’s at least one person who doesn’t want it to be. I’m not against it, but man I’d love for there to be a really good non-chain burger place in the area. Sometimes I just need a good burger, usually when I’ve been putting off lunch and all of a sudden find myself weak with hunger. A nice burger and side of curly fries around that time is all I need.