Add publicity to the list of jobs I never ever want to be in. On GTTV yesterday, Geoff Keighly interviewed the president of Nintendo Reggie Fils-Aime (aka Reggie Fill-Anime), and he was doing his best to not let him get away with lots of silly publicity talk in order to avoid the questions everyone wants the answers to. Clearly, the Wii is at the end of its life, and there will be a time when Fluffy Kittenz 6 will be all that comes out for the system, but he can’t say that of course because they still want to sell Wiis until the Wii U comes out next year.

Still, it’s funny because provided the interviewer has some basic command of basic logic, they can becomes the worst enemy of the person trying to conceal the truth. This isn’t word for word but it went roughly like this:

“So do you acknowledge that the Wii did not appeal to core gamers?”

“No no no, not at ALL! We sold 80 bajillion Wiis!”

“But you said that the Wii U was designed to expand the audience to include core gamers, doesn’t that mean that they weren’t being targeted for the Wii?”

“Well… no…”

Yeah, it was kind of funny. Regardless though, I’m super duper excited about the Wii U despite its horrible name. More than even when the Wii introduced motion control I see the potential for all sorts of new game mechanics. Also, it shouldn’t be a big deal that HD graphics for first party Nintendo games is a big deal to me, but dammit it’s gonna be so dern pretty when it comes out. Yup, I will buy all the “new” sequels to your franchises ’cause they’re gonna be in pretty 1080p HD. I’m such a sucker.