I didn’t grow up in a Christian household so I have very little understanding of what an Easter holiday weekend entails other than going to church, eating brunch and maybe doing egg coloring and hunts for the kids. Oh, and chocolate rabbits, eggs and stuff. I never realized just how many stores close for Easter until yesterday.

We were at the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn and of what we saw, Office Max, McDonald’s, Gamestop, Daffy’s and even Target were all closed! I was most surprised that McDonald’s and Target were closed. I had no idea that Easter was such a holiday that major stores like that closed during it. I was joking that all the stores like Subway and DSW were heathen stores for opening on Easter holiday.

I guess because since Easter holds no religious significance for me or even commercial significance I just assumed it was a very minor holiday that people only vaguely knew what to do to celebrate. Lesson learned and I won’t go run errands on Easter anymore. It was an extremely nice day though so it wasn’t a complete waste.