This comic would fit great in a funny section on Reddit called first world problems. Basically it’s posts ironically (I hope ironically) posting about problems that only exist for people who have money.

In case you can’t see, my “to play” pile includes: “Beyond Good and Evil” (I downloaded the HD version), “Epic Mickey”, “Okamiden” and “Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.” Add to that list “Swarm” and “ilomilo” both of which are downloadable games. My “played” pile are Dead Space 2, Enslaved, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Bioshock 2.

Update is Portal 2 is now in BROOKLYN which should mean that it’s arriving sometime this afternoon. I have kung fu class today so that means no straight marathon playing for me T_T. Or I could start late tonight and go into tomorrow morning… Meanwhile I’ve trying to make progress on Okamiden which continues to be OMG SO ADORABLE. Seriously, all Chibiterasu has to do is walk around on his short stubby legs and it’s adorable. If he then does something that’s intended to be extra be cute I melt into a warm puddle of goo.

Speaking of totally adorable things. If you don’t follow me on Twitter you might’ve missed this amazing video I spent far too much of yesterday watching. Let’s just say, this is something Android has a significant leg up over the iPhone.