My recent sickness hasn’t been like the typical cold I get during the changing of the seasons. My cough barely ever involved phlegm or any gross stuff that felt like it was dislodging from my throat. This past week has just been like a constant tickle in my throat and regular cough syrup I think has formula in it intended to work by means other than just soothing your throat.

My kung fu sifu recommended a Chinese cough syrup which is like 10X thicker than regular cough syrup. Watching it pour out is like watching footage from the movie “The Blob.” Surprisingly it didn’t taste awful so it was no problem taking two teaspoons worth. At the very least with this stuff I got the feeling that if its intention was to coat my throat, it would take a more significant amount of fluids to thin it out to any measurable degree.

Right now my cough goes away with cough drops, but resumes instantly once the drop is gone and I swear those things disappear like water.