Anna and I went out Wednesday to prepare for PAX East this weekend. By the time you read this we’ll probably already be attending various events at PAX. This year PAX East is at a new venue which is basically in the middle of nowhere in Boston. The Hynes Convention center was attached to a mall which meant there were tons and tons of places nearby to eat at, but from a quick Google search it looks like there’s very little nearby, and what is nearby is expensive and intended for tourists with more money than your average PAX goer.

So in addition to our usual provisions we went and bought some more. We went to a bakery to buy some rolls and pastries to eat for breakfast, cashews for general hunger during panels and stuff, powdered lemonade which is always good to have to make bottled water more interesting, some cup noodle ramen bowls just in case we really really find ourselves with nothing to eat for dinner and finally a lot of leftover chips from a party we had at our place a few weeks back but never managed to finish. Yep, conventions are really horrible things for one’s personal health, but three to six days out of a year I suppose isn’t the worst 😛

Whoo, PAX!!!