I killed what was probably the slowest mouse I’ve ever encountered. I was sitting at my computer when I heard some tin foil rustling. Anna had baked some brownies and they were in the glass pan covered in aluminum foil with something on top to cover it. When I heard the rustling I turned on the kitchen light and walked in, as I neared the brownies the mouse almost casually ran into the crack between the counter and the stove. I realized that if I had a jar I could’ve caught it.

Later the next day I heard the rustling again and grabbed the most jar-like thing I had access to which was the plastic cover to a spool of DVDRs. I went into the kitchen and sure enough the mouse was there so as it tried to run I tried to catch it with the cover but it ended up getting caught. Had I only captured it I was going to slip a piece of paper underneath and flip it over so I could release it outside.

But it turns out mouse aren’t the sturdiest of creatures and it ended up succumbing to its injuries :'(