Growing up in the suburbs of Boston meant that my school had a number of snow days built into their school year because it was just inevitable. This meant that as soon as there was any talk of snow that meant hoping it snowed a lot so I’d get the day off. Once there was the indication there was going to be any accumulation at all it meant a ritual of watching the weather until bedtime, then watching the school closings in the morning.

Later on when the schools implemented a system where we could call their telephone “snow line” that meant waking up early to check if it had been updated yet. I’m guessing schools now just use the internet and/or have some kind of Twitter that you could see the instant it was updated.

But since I live in a city now and don’t have to shovel (or work currently) that means staying in the comfort of my apartment and watching the pretty snow fall. Then later when the weather is on TV is when I’ll realize that there’s going to be actual significant accumulation.