We keep a very clean kitchen with most if not all dry food stuff that’s not in the fridge being kept in plastic containers. Still, we’ve had a few mice over the past year and a half. I caught one that was trapped in the sink using an empty mayo jar, and a slice of paper. I released that one outside. Another one I released after it got stuck in the big paper shopping bag we use to collect our recyclables.

The second to last one met an extremely unfortunate end that started with being chased by Anna’s cat, and ended underneath my slippered foot. That one was particularly horrible because my soft plastic slippers aren’t exactly ideal for a quick end like a solid boot heel would’ve been.

We finally decided it was time to get some old fashioned mousetraps and sure enough it caught a mouse. It was always my impression that the mouse would get killed instantly but it didn’t. It took long enough that for a second I wasn’t sure if it was going to die. I can kill roaches no problem, but mice are close enough to something that a person would keep as a domestic pet that it makes me feel bad for them even if will go to lengths to get them out of my kitchen. We had another trap set, but after a week nothing so I think they’re gone for now *crosses fingers*