Well in the end a lot of the big problems turned out to be not quite as serious as I thought. Still, it was a bitch to fix up what I’ve fixed so far. Big thanks to my friend JC who is much better at navigating CSS stylesheets than I am.

Turns out in Comicpress’ latest update they changed around the CSS such that my modified stylesheet didn’t entirely function anymore because things it referenced had been moved around. Also, some of the wordpress options on the dashboard had been reset or changed around entirely so I had to go through it all to figure out what I had to restore. As you can see, everything is pretty much there except the navigation is off kilter, the comments field doesn’t have nice rounded corners and my tags page has no tags on it. I should be able to have it back to 100% soon.

My CSS solutions aren’t very elegant because I’m pretty sure there’re three or so stylesheets the website is referencing, some of which is redundant. Not sure if that’s affecting load time or not. I also got my brand spanking new computer which means things seem faster for me anyway, but I’ll save more computer talk for later 😉