Seriously, what would your first thought be if while waiting around the guy behind the deli counter at your local supermarket randomly said to you “Hey, do you like new food?”

I was waiting for some cold cuts when this guy walks in from outside and as he passes says “How are you today sir?” So I said I was fine. Then while I’m waiting he asks me if I like “new food.” I asked him what he meant by “new food.” So he tells me to grab a plastic spoon from the tray and he gives me a small spoonful of this kind of sort of chunky brown stuff. If you asked me I couldn’t honestly tell you if I thought it actually tasted good or not.

All that was running through my head was that no matter how good it was I still wasn’t in the mood to buy into this guy trying to push this food on me. Not just because whenever I look at the pre-cooked stuff inside the case at the deli counter I always think to myself “Who the hell buys this stuff from the supermarket???” The other thing I was trying to figure out was whether or not he was the source of a B.O. smell I noticed around the time he had entered.

I said it was pretty good, and he also offered a sample to Anna. He said he learned the recipe while traveling (I have no idea where to), and that it was a mixture of pastrami, two kinds of red peppers, olive oil and a bunch of other ingredients I don’t really remember. He also said that since it’s his, it’s only available when he’s working.

He wasn’t offended or anything when I said I was just getting sandwich stuff though.