Okay this is a shameless plug, because last night Anna opened up her Etsy store! First and only item currently being listed is a plush toy of THAT meat. You know, that one meat you see in anime and manga which has the bones sticking out of one or two sides but could never exist in real life.

Sad thing is that this probably isn’t the most effective plug because Anna’s blog gets on average at least 5X the traffic my comic does, but I’m still plugging it! I’ve had the prototype meat plush for a while now and I can attest to its snuggly meaty goodness. I’ve seen some other plush of THAT meat that aren’t nearly as good. For one thing, the bone is one whole piece going all the way through which makes it much sturdier. If only it could actually be eaten, but honestly I prefer the look of this plush meat over the attempts at making a real version of THAT meat.