Played a lot of Final Fantasy XIII this weekend. No I didn’t stay up until 4:00 am or 5:00 am (writing this post a little past midnight) I definitely won’t stay up later than 2:00 though.

The first hour despite pretty full motion video and graphics was the most boring gaming I’ve had in a while. They should’ve given the user more credit for how much of the battle system they’d be able to handle from the get go. Once the battle system really opened up and you could level up characters it got dramatically better. That first hour I was almost questioning if I still had a taste for Japanese RPGs after having played basically nothing bout 12 hour action games since FFXII game out. Once they let me level up characters I was good to go and back in the saddle.

I’m not totally minding just how linear the game is, but I am having some problems with the story. Mostly I think their exposition isn’t done well enough and the made up terminology for the world gets confusing. I’ve played quite a bit now and I’m still struggling with a lot of “Why’s” and “How’s” that haven’t been explained. I’m hoping more gets explained because right now those unanswered questions are starting to wear on me.

I think the thing that still keeps me into it are the characters who for the most part I like despite my running commentary during the game making fun of cliche story tropes and character archetypes. That was one of my biggest problems with FFXII which was the uninteresting characters.

Anyway, I’ll save up more of my thoughts for when I write up a review after I finish the game.