It’s true, I’ve only bought two Apple products in the past six years or so. One was my 1st generation Power Mac G5 and the other was the latest generation iPod classic before which I had a third generation iPod which at the end of it had a battery that lasted scarcely an hour (and I bought an additional battery on top of the original).

But really watching Apple keynote speeches isn’t necessarily about looking at something you’re buying as soon as it becomes available. It’s a computer porn show for geeks like me. Even though whenever Apple comes out with a new product it’s usually the case that Japan has had that technology for years and is already not impressed with the new Apple stuff.

That said, Apple is one of few computer companies that combines cool looking design with completely gratuitous eye candy in their user interface. Really, all geeks like me want is to be able to hold the fictitious future technology from movies in our hands. Whether it’s Minority Report, The Island or Star Trek. Apple basically is the only one doing it to the degree that we feel like we’re actually closer to that dream if it hasn’t already been attained.

But yes it’s true, I don’t actually BUY a lot of Apple stuff. One reason is that after my computer (which still works fine, but has a few problems) I became wary of Apple 1st generation hardware so even if something new and cool comes out I feel like I don’t want to even consider taking the plunge until they’ve refined it further.

As for the coveted iPhone I wanted more hard drive space, but at this point going from my current monthly phone payments to a big iPhone payment plan is so much more money I question if it’s worth it to hold a bit of Star Trek technology in my hands. But oh as I write this I cannot help but think of how much I’d like to play with one 😛