This is just something that’s been on my mind, I’ll get back to comics about bagels, bathrooms, the subway and stuff soon enough 😛

I was chatting with my friend F about all the news sites and such we read about and how upsetting it is to not only know what’s going on, but hearing about what the really uninformed people in the country think is going on and how knowing what they don’t know is upsetting. But we agreed that even though it’s depressing to be informed sometimes, that we can’t really stop and it beats the alternative.

That said, I never have any real desire to talk politics over dinner with friends because it’s just not a fun thing to talk about. My way of doing things is just to keep informed, but I never consider myself informed enough to actually DISCUSS in any meaningful way.

I’d rather talk about the Xbox vs PS3 debate than the health care debate (though it’s no debate, Xbox all the way! Never thought I’d hear myself say that). I think I see the PS3 in about the same way as I did the PSP which is “Ooh, a new exclusive game finally came out… but it’s still not enough games, maybe another year or two.” But now that it’s cheaper, smaller and less fingerprint attracting it won’t hurt as much when I have to get one to play God of War III, the “Trico” game, Little Big Planet, Final Fantasy XIII w/ Japanese voices etc.