Yes that’s right, in the distant future he’s still at the same job using the same Apple monitor.

In all seriousness though, I wish either that I could get a glimpse of the future to see how accurate this is or that when this time rolls around I still remember writing this comic.

For the unaware, at the Sony press event at E3 yesterday they played a trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. Then right after that they announced “Final Fantasy XIV” which is just Final Fantasy Online 2. I think what happened is that basically instead of admitting they were stupid to call the first Final Fantasy Online “Final Fantasy XI” that they decided to pretend it was intentional and that they’ll somehow keep it in the numbering scheme with Final Fantasy XIV. Does this mean the next sequel is Final Fantasy XVII?

It’s okay Square Enix to admit you’re wrong, after all you made Final Fantasy Tactics its own thing, why not Final Fantasy Online?