Whenever I deal with important (especially financial) issues I’m always paranoid I did something wrong. Only thing that convinces me that I didn’t make any mistakes is time, but I’m usually paranoid shortly after I do my taxes even though Turbo Tax makes it pretty idiot proof, especially if you’ve used them previous years.

Anyway, I think my indulgence this year will be a PSP because finally there are enough games for it that I think it’s worth it. I’ll probably still get it off eBay or something because even if there are games for it, it still seems too expensive. Ironic thing I think is that I mostly want it to play the really cute games like Patapon and Loco Roco, not the “hardcore” games that the system touts. Usually on the subway it’s someone playing stupid sports games. I also really want to play this Japanese RPG game called “Yuusha 30” which is an RPG game where each level you have only 30 seconds to defeat the boss.