Yesterday right after I got the email from my broker I checked my account and sure enough he had cashed my check. It makes sense, but I thought it was kind of funny.

Thought I’d skip to the end since I couldn’t really think of a funny way to show him getting the apartment that he wanted. We did find a great apartment with a nice space (and all utilities included, w00t!). Oh and the other thing making all my nerd friends (silly thing to say since all my friends are nerds) jealous is that the building is going to be FiOS ready in six months or so.

We’re moving in two weekends and I’m super pumped. I have to go through my walk-in closet to find what sort of items I’ve long since forgotten I’ve left in there. Otherwise I know about every bit of stuff in my apartment.

This will be my first adult move-in with movers and everything. Also it’ll be my first real apartment where I decide not to decorate it like a college dorm which I’m sure is what potential tenants will think if/when they see my place. When I saw my apartment oh so long ago is was very well decorated with real furniture. I think the one thing that will be entirely unchanged is the abundance of plush toys in the apartment. Actually, combined with my girlfriend’s there’s going to be a lot more toys in our new apartment.