I went to see “I Am Legend” on Friday which I liked a lot. Reviewers seem to be lauding the loneliness and Will Smith’s performance but don’t care for the Hollywood action zombie element. I personally didn’t mind the zombie stuff and still was able to enjoy it as a whole. Afterwards I went scrambling to Wikipedia and IMDB for information on how they shot the empty New York scenes.

I wasn’t sure if they were allowed to shut down parts of the city or they just had to abuse their special effects artists or what. Turns out they did get to shut down parts of the city and dress it up with plants from Florida to make it look like the city had become overgrown with plant life after the humans disappeared. Very cool.

In the movie he goes to a video store to “rent” movies. But as anyone who lives in the area knows, the Tower Records he goes to on West 4th street has long since closed and is now empty waiting for a new business to move in.