I’ve already made clear my opinion of most Chinese restaurants found outside the bounds of Chinatown, but there’s this place Mr. Wonton I pass by often which always has nothing but white people in it. Whenever I see that I get the urge to run in and yell out like this. It’s been my observation that there are a couple ways to guarantee lots of tourists, and people with less distinguishing taste for Chinese food.

First one is to have some anglocized name like “Mr. Wonton” or “Excellent Dumpling House.” Actually the only other one I can really think of is to have your restaurant to look really new and clean. Truth of the matter is a lot of restaurants in Chinatown don’t look either that clean or they have a generally hectic atmosphere, no tablecloths or any thing like that. Obviously this doesn’t reflect on the food served, but people who aren’t that adventurous will use their gut instinct and that usually says that they don’t want to eat in a place that will make them feel uncomfortable.