So sometimes I’m on my computer most of the weekend. Actually who am I kidding, lots of times I’m on my computer most of the weekend. When I’m on my computer I just have my instant messenger program open out of habit even though it’s been ages since I’ve actually used it on a weekend. Point is when I have it on I see friends and co-workers periodically sign on and off and I just imagine them on the other side seeing that I’ve been online seemingly the entire time. I can’t help but wonder if they’re thinking why I’ve been signed on all day long for both days of the weekend. I think I’m overly paranoid but I still think of this stuff.

Incidentally, I was using my computer most of this weekend because I was capturing and organizing footage for my new anime music video project that I’m kind of doing to avoid doing my other anime music video that I’ve been sitting on for months but have finally captured all the footage for. Somehow I got through all 26 episodes for this new one and even organized half of it even though due to some technical setbacks and apathy it took me weeks or months to do the same for a 13 episode series.