I was at Duane Reade yesterday bringing my stuff to the counter when the cashier asks me “Did you get everything you needed today?” I realized that the last two times I’ve gone to Duane Reade they asked me that too. I haven’t been to a multitude of Duane Reades around the city recently but it’s very likely that now all Duane Reade cashiers are required to ask every single customer if they got everything they needed (in addition to asking if they have a club card). My question is what transpired that could’ve had them force all their cashiers to say this for every single customer?

Working a register is sucky enough as it is but requiring people to say a certain shpiel just dehumanizes it even more. Wendy’s they ask if you want it biggie sized and Gamestop they have to say to every person on the phone “Hi thank you for calling Gamestop we buy, sell and trade used games my name is —- how may I help you? Plus at the register they have to try and push the $5 guarantee on your game and ask if you want to pre order anything while you’re there.

Anyway, my point is that having to say all this bullshit sucks, but I still want to know what happened at Duane Reade.