If you’re anything like me you lose your umbrella all the time. I leave them in all manner of places like restaurants, bars, movie theaters and whatnot. This is actually the second time I’ve had my umbrella get messed up beyond repair. The thing about the giant umbrellas that are capable of covering at least three people is that once it’s turned inside out it’s not coming back. The small crappy $3 umbrellas are fine if they turn inside out because the metal rods going through the cloth are segmented. Whereas the enormous ones are single pieces and if it manages to turn inside out that also means that the cloth has been torn away from most of where it was attached.

This particular umbrella I already wanted to replace, because the little plastic nubs that attached the ends of the metal pieces had almost all gradually fallen off. Thus leaving my umbrella already susceptible to the wind even moreso. So I tossed the umbrella and roughed it out for the rest of my night. I had my boots on so everything else was fine. I just hate it when my feet/socks get wet and then walking around in them all day makes them smell positively disgusting and I usually end up throwing the socks away after that.

I want to get one of those wind resistant umbrellas, but like I said, I constantly lose mine.