I saw this new gym, and this was literally what the sign said.


In other news I got a wacom tablet for only $30 thanks a tip from a friend of mine. I’ve always kind of wanted a wacom tablet just because they’re cool, but I could never justify the cost. For only $30 though I’m sold. If my comic ever becomes completely digital it’s still going to be a while because I need practice using a wacom tablet. I was futzing around with pen sizes trying to match it to what it’s like when I scan in my drawings. Putting a sheet of paper over the tablet helps somewhat because it feels more like drawing, and it’s not as slippery. Drawing the eyes was actually the most difficult because the brush size that worked for the lines wasn’t thick enough, and they ended up being messy. I’m going to keep practicing, and maybe someday I won’t have to kill so many trees. For now it’s good to have for touchups.