It’s official, they’re releasing the original Star Wars Trilogy the way it was meant to be shown, with Han shooting first. Apparently George Lucas realized that the higher the numbers on the petition to get this released, the more money he’d be making. I guess now he gets to buy another building for Lucasfilm. The DVDs are coming out on September 12th, but will be quickly discontinued December 31st. I’m usually pretty good about not getting screwed by the movie studios when they release their new, better editions because I don’t buy movies as soon as they come out. But I will admit, I am a consumer whore, and will be purchasing the movies again. I just hope they restore them like they did for the special editions. Hopefully? ‘Cause that would suck if it looked like they dubbed laserdiscs over. I mean, George Lucas did in fact say that if we wanted to watch the originals we could get the VHS copies if we really wanted.