This was the situation when I went to see Inside Man last Saturday. There was this big loud guy behind myself and my friend. It’s not clear in this comic but the women who were sitting on either side of him were his friends, but it was still annoying. The comment about heaven being akin to a movie, popcorn, diet coke, two female friends is verbatim though. My friend and I briefly considered moving, and then moved. At first we were thinking that we’d wait until the previews started to gauge his reaction but instead we chose to move to the side of the theater, and we’re convinced we made the right decision.

I don’t know if he was talking during the movie. He made some loud comment during the Flight 93 trailer. The most obnoxious thing though was when the usher asked his row to move INWARD one seat so that a couple could sit together. The guy GLARED at the usher and refused to move. Eventually he begrudgingly moved. I’ll never know how people like that make it through life. I figure they’re just so ignorant of their surroundings that they don’t understand the grief they spread.