If you read my blog you probably saw this one coming because I was talking about how during my eye exam I realized that the eye charts were virtually identical to those of the doctor I went to in Massachusetts. I apparently still haven’t been paying enough attention to withholding things I write about in my blog that could be used as a comic. If you also saw the movie Space Cowboys you probably saw this coming too. There’s a scene in that movie where Tommy Lee Jones’ character who has 20/10 vision rattles off the eye chart. Then Donald Sutherland whose character wears coke bottle eye glasses manages to do the same because he has a photographic memory.

I always read what the letters look like to my bad vision, but it always feels weird because I know what the letters are. It’s not like there are even that many letters in a line, so I can memorize them easily enough from the first run through where you’re allowed to use your glasses and both eyes. They should totally have some sort of random letter generator projection system hooked up or something that would be so much more useful. Of the numbers in this comic the A, P, S, O, 4 line is the one that I remember specifically from my eye doctor in Massachusetts.

Earlier this week I finally got my first pair of contact lenses in over two years. They fit basically like I remember them so in a bit I’ll be ordering an actual supply of them. Apparently my prescription doesn’t allow for daily contact lenses so I have to settle with the monthlies. Oh well, it’s not like it’s any different from what I had before. It’s just frustrating if for whatever reason you either lose one or get it messed up before the month is up. It was worse before because I had ones that lasted for three months.

Wearing contacts is fun, though I kind of picked the worst season of the year to get them since it’s so dry right now. Just walking around the office my eyes get kind of dry, bleah. Funny thing is that I put them in like I’d been wearing them all along, but when it came time to take them out I had to think about it first before remember how to do it properly. So yeah, I like having contacts again, but if anything involves copious amount of staring like reading or playing Minesweeper it’s better for me to have my glasses.