This is one of those comics which makes this only a semi-autobiographical comic. Simply put there’s no way in hell I would ever be this charitable towards an evil corporation that has somehow decided that the used price for something should only be a measley five dollars less than the full retail price. This is the only thing in the entire world I can think of where the price reduction for something used is so blatantly greedy.

That said, I was discussing yesterday what I thought some of the worst jobs could be. First things that came to mind were jobs that involved horrible smells, like a person who works in the sewer all the time or in some type of environment that there’s no avoiding their home not smelling like their work. Jobs where your life is threatened are also horrible like working in a coal mine or being a soldier would suck. Though I think the other category of terrible job involves working with annoying customers pretty much all the time. These jobs would be the people working at the Apple Store trying to pretend that the iPod nano uses the same screen coating as all other iPods and is in no way faulty. Or the people in video game stores trying to go through their entire inventory of games with a clueless mother until she hears something that might sound good.

I overheard the latter during my game hunt before Thanksgiving. I was at a store where there was a grandmother and a mother both shopping for their grandson and children. The grandmother was asking for “That thing that was released at midnight.” The guy at the counter asked if she had pre-ordered, she said yes but then he added “Before June 4th?” There was some squabbling consisting of stuff like “My ten year old grandson called, I’m just the messenger.” Turns out they had reserved “Perfect Dark Zero” which mind you is rated M for Mature so no ten year old should be playing it.

The mother was a more gruesome sight as she was wearing this awful fur coat (is there really any other kind?) and this hairdo that must’ve taken an hour to tame. She was the one going through a row of games asking what they all were, and the poor store employee was obliging her on each one he knew about. I just wanted to go up to her and yell “WHY ISN’T YOUR HUSBAND DOING THIS????”