Everyone’s seen these people, it doesn’t matter that it’s an iPod, just headphone sharing in general can be all sorts of sappy and disgusting. Actually, it comes in a few flavors which are interesting for their own reasons. You have the straight out sap couple who are cuddly and enjoying their music together. Then you have the couple who aren’t even looking at each other, merely using the headphones as a means to passively spend time with each other.

I actually think the latter are more common than the former. It’s amusing/sad to watch couples find multitudes of ways to passively hang out with each other. This is why I don’t always like to go to movies with new people that I’ve just met, because if that’s going to be the only even in many cases we might as well not have hung out at all. Unless it’s a terrible movie like “Troy” where you could enjoy heckling it together there’s not much interaction in that.