I like long umbrellas which have the rounded handle and are roughly the size of a cane. They’re fun to swing around and they’re big enough to cover more than just my head. The $3 umbrellas are just if you’re desperate and want something enough to get you home to your bigger umbrella. I once got caught in the rain, and had to buy an umbrella. The problem was that the only large umbrellas they had were the REALLY LARGE umbrellas that can easily cover two or three people. This is why I’m one of those obnoxious guys going down the sidewalk with an umbrella big enough to cover my entire family. Obnoxious because usually I’m by myself.

I know full well how obnoxious it is. I try to be the one to life my umbrella if I pass someone usually. The problem is that it works so well because it’s huge so going a step down isn’t a possibility at this point. I once shared this umbrella with a friend and she said that it was the first time she had ever used an umbrella that actually kept all the rain off of her.