This is my first strip ever, and it’s very clear that I was still feeling out the character design. Originally the character had bubble arms like he does now, but I didn’t want him to look like the stuffed animals my sister makes. Then I realized the stick arms look really bad so I changed it back to the way it was. I used a bic ball point pen for this comic which is why the line quality is crappy. I also didn’t adjust the levels, so the darkness of the lines doesn’t match the text that’s not handwritten.

Living in New York really sucks if you want an iPod but can’t afford one. A year after this comic I saved up enough to buy my own which explains why later in the strip there are fewer comics about wanting an iPod. Before, you could spot two or three people with white headphones, but years after this the number has increased dramatically.

The character was a lot more grumpy in the first strips, because I think I was working out some repressed anger.

Continuity-wise this strip doesn’t work, because part of the point of the entire comic is he wants an iPod but can’t get one. I just justify it by saying the iPod broke after it splashed into the puddle.