I went to the Prospect Park Zoo with my girlfriend after a brief vacation in D.C. where we went to the Gegege no Kitaro Fifty-Three Stations of the Yokaido Road exhibition and also the National Zoo. After going to that zoo it was a little odd to be in the fenced off area where basically there’s absolutely nothing stopping the animals from getting to the people (or people to the animals for that matter) except for a fence that literally looks like the one I drew. It’s poles and a thin piece of rope. If the kangaroo decided he/she didn’t like me then they could have.

The other thing was the little information stations scattered around the zoo. Some of them had actual information, but far more like this one posed a question and never answered it! Is this common knowledge? Is there a teacher’s guide so they can quiz the students going or something? I was really sort of irritated that I couldn’t find out the two official ways to know whether a mink has been around. Best guess? Footprints or poop.

FYI, sea lions at Prospect Park Zoo SO MUCH BETTER than the ones at the zoo in D.C. I think it’s because those sea lions were younger and didn’t know as many tricks.

Also, the building with small mammals has a domed room at the entrance. If you’re standing in the center underneath you hear your voice echoing as if it’s going all around the room. Except it’s only audible if you’re in the center, people standing outside the center of the room just hear you normally. COOOOOOOOL…