It’s pretty amazing how Sony has been able to just totally destroy Microsoft at these press conferences. I bet PR classes are having a great time comparing the two for their students for what is working and what isn’t working. Sony basically came out at Gamescom and showed a buttload of indie games that I want to play already and said that they’ll be debuting on PS4 and Vita. They probably won’t stay exclusive, but clearly the developers are behind the platform.

Then Microsoft went and revealed their new self publishing policy which in their defense they’ve been getting beat up over due to the fact that they have an example of how uncurated self publishing can go horribly wrong (Xbox indies market). But there’s no evidence that self publishing on their platform means anything other than they’ll curate like they always have but there are fewer hoops to jump through.

Anyway, the best they’ve been able to muster in terms of indie dev support is a new game from Capy games and this video of indie developers saying what they want in a new platform. This video at best says that Microsoft is listening, but at worst says that indie developers want these things, but there’s no proof what they want will exist on Xbox One.

So yeah, we’ve justifiably preordered the heck out of the PS4 in our household. Xbox One will have to wait until they get some exclusives I care at all about.