Last Saturday I went to the Trapeze School in Chelsea for a friend’s bachelor’s party. I had heard of this place before and Initially I was very hesitant but decided I should stop chickening out and just go ahead and do it. It ended up being really fun!

After getting strapped with safety harness rigs, one of the staff ran us through how to do the initial jump off the platform. When we got up to the platform, another person would hold onto our harness, and we have to put our hands on the bar, lean our hips out and keep shoulders forward and then do a little hop. Then the person on the ground controlling our safety lines gave commands to put our legs on the bar, let go and reach, take the legs off, then get ready to land on the net.

Then later on we did a single backflip before landing. The first time I did it I flipped a little too much and landed face down instead of on my back, but the second time I landed better. Then the final part of the lesson had another staff member swinging on another bar so that when we swung towards them he’d catch us, swing and then we’d let go and land.

While I was doing it, if you asked me to describe what happened all I could probably tell you was that it all happened really fast and I barely remember doing any of it. I’m still having trouble realizing that I did it at all, but it was a lot of fun and given the opportunity I would do it again. The scariest part actually was the ladder up to the platform which was just a very long utility ladder. We had to strap to the safety lines before climbing but still, it was super shaky.

Here’s the video my friend took:

We were in a rotation with two other couples. There was one couple who I think probably received the lesson as a gift because they were both pretty scared during the process. It took several tries for the guy to get his legs up on the bar because the first several times his legs were super spread apart. Then when it came time to take his hands off he only took one off, but eventually got both off. I think for me, my brain was just on automatic pilot when I started swinging and would’ve accepted any commands being given to it. While I was swinging if you had told me to start singing I would’ve.

The day after I had red marks behind my knees from clinging to the bar. Those people must have crazy calluses in addition to their skills of being awesome. It was a really great experience and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for some fun special occasion activity!