I don’t know enough Chinese characters to read most Chinese or Japanese tattoos, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. I saw a guy on the subway yesterday with three Chinese characters on his arm. I couldn’t see them all, but I probably couldn’t read them even if I did. I thought I caught him looking at me in his peripheral, and couldn’t help but wonder if he started getting paranoid at a Chinese guy looking intently at his tattoo.

For this comic my girlfriend graciously donated her tattoo horror story. She was on the subway and saw a guy who had the tattoo that’s in this comic. The intended tattoo was the Japanese proverb “nanakorobi yaoki” which means “stumbling seven times but recovering eight” meaning that perseverance is better than defeat.”

The reason this tattoo is a horror story is that the person who did this tattoo instead of writing the kanji for “eight” first wrote the kanji for “seven” AGAIN then CROSSED OUT the seven kanji and the continued the tattoo!

It should’ve been Žµ“]”ª‹N but (without the X) it says Žµ“]Žµ”ª‹N