This one was just a throwaway comic for me to complain about he weather at the time. One of the advantages of doing a webcomic that is usually written/drawn at midnight is that you can do things that are specific to what’s going to be happening the day after. Though I try to make the comics stand up on their own as much as possible, because in the long run the humor of these comics won’t come through like they did on that particular day.

This isn’t really a pun that I like which is why I have one of the other characters say it. I’m sure this one has been done in Fox Trot before since Bill Amend likes to do comics about how cold it is in the house and exaggerating it in various different ways. There are very few puns that I will actually laugh at, and only two come to mind at this particular moment. The first is a Far Side strip where a guy is in the middle of nowhere, an alien comes down in a saucer, hits him and then leaves. The caption is something to the effect of “Gary never knew what hit him.” The other one is from the movie UHF when the bad guys open a supply closet to reveal Kuni and his karate school yelling “SUPPLIES!” Yes, it’s pretty bad, but I still laugh at it.