I graduated from NYU early 2003 when the economy really sucked. Plus I was a film student so it was doubly crappy. NYU Film school doesn’t encourage internships as much as they should which is probably why I didn’t have one until my senior year. I also loathed the events they have when alumni of NYU come and talk about how they got started.

The reason being that when they tell their stories they always have a section where they say “I did odd jobs for a few months.” The problem is that those few months they gloss over is the section most immediately relevant to people graduating. I hate it when they tell you to be an unpaid production assistant for a while in order to network and meet the right people. The inevitable question after that becomes what do you do for rent if you can’t mooch off your parents?

I had T-shirt ideas for my comic early on and a lot of them were related to not having a job, but those ideas were only relevant to that period of time, so I’m glad I never had the time to completely develop them.