We figured since it was this big huge crazy jackpot we’d just buy a few tickets for fun. One for each of us and one for Anna’s cat. We didn’t win of course, but it was fun to do it. Seems odd to say that it was fun to do because all it involves is going to the store and spending $3 on a slip with some numbers on it. I’m not a gambling person, but I guess the appeal is just the slight thrill of the possibility.

I feel like I know so little about money that even if I were to hire advisors I wouldn’t be able to decipher the paperwork well enough to know whether or not they were ripping me off 😛 But it still is fun to think about what I’d do with several million dollars.

Of course, all the local news stations were talking about the mega jackpot and asking the obvious questions “what would you buy?” I think it’d be more interesting if they asked people questions like “how would you handle the money intelligently?” or  “how would it change your life?” A quick google search will give you several stories about people whose lives most definitely did not turn out for the better after winning the lottery because they made stupid decisions. It’s more interesting reading articles about that or about people who have thought it through and the suggestions they give for how to do it so that everything works out.