I wish I could take credit for that last line, but no that’s a reference to “The Goonies.” The line was originally said by Chunk and the only reason it sticks out in my mind is that my friends at work quote that line all the time.

I didn’t have a crisis of cuisine quite to the extent of this, but it would certainly be possible walking down certain streets in the city or in Brooklyn assuming the smell of their food was strong enough to reach the street. What happened was that yesterday I didn’t leave my apartment until the afternoon (I had Yom Kippur off for an optional holiday but without the necessity of going to temple) so by the time I did leave I was really hungry.

I was pretty set on going to a nearby diner for a burger because I really like their french fries, but I had a few stops to make before I was going to get food. In the process of getting to one of these stops I passed a pizza place and instantly changed my mind. Though actually I ended up going to a different pizza place than the one that inspired the change in decision because I knew of a better one only a few blocks away.